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Health Decisions is aware of and equipped to deal with the special relationship Union Trusts have with union membership. We are experienced in working with Union Trusts and Boards to assure effective health insurance plan administration as a means of maximizing benefits for members.

Our successful experience in helping Union Trusts administer health plans has resulted in significant cost savings and improved practices to assure continued cost containment.

Health Decisions offers the most comprehensive and sophisticated Post Payment Claim Recovery Service in the industry. Nobody addresses more areas of claim recovery or recovers more money per client than we do. In addition, we will develop customized recovery applications requested by the client at no additional cost.

Health Decisions goes much deeper seeking claims to recover by conducting a review of 100 percent of claims in more than 30 areas to identify and recover claims paid that are not the Union Trusts’ responsibility. None of the recoveries come from individual members but rather are collected from other health plans, insurance companies, providers and enforcement of judicial orders.

Health Decisions, Inc. offers products that can expand your services while controlling costs without requiring any new technology or change in your claims-processing systems. We review claims after they are paid and report enrollment data to your specifications.

Because Health Decisions is at the cutting edge of technology we can help Union Trusts better deal with:

  • The fallout of automated adjudication of claims
  • fraud and abuse detection and prevention
  • Medicare recovery
  • identifying the best Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) solution
  • satisfying HIPAA and other regulatory requirements

Health Decisions Post Payment Administration system includes emphasis on span of control, financial return, staffing, implementation, and CQI. Our suite of services covers data handling, data processing, case investigation, and case updates.

Health Decisions accepts claims data in almost any format and provides it to our Union Trust clients in Microsoft and web-compatible formats.

All of our services allow Union Trusts Boards to document in a tangible manner their fiduciary responsibilities and provides a means for employers to satisfy HIPAA requirements.

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“[The Health Decisions Audit Team] does a great job – they’re very diligent and work hard looking under every stone for potential recoveries. Knowing the claims payers are processing claims properly is very important for our Trustees and Fiduciaries. When claims payers have to deal with organizations like Health Decisions, it keeps them on their toes!”

Tom Mittelbrun III
Electrical Workers Insurance Fund

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